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Suguna Group was founded in the year 1984 with the inception of Suguna Foods in poultry sector by first generation entrepreneurs.

Suguna is a USD 1.3 billion (INR 9,000 cr) group and leader in Indian protein food/animal farming industry. With an employee footprint of more than 8500, the group is in to poultry, dairy, processed protein food, animal nutrition, healthcare & biologicals. Group companies are Suguna Foods, Suguna Dairy, Globion, Aminovit Srilanka, Suguna Bangladesh and Kenya.


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Employee Testimonials

I have successfully completed fourteen years with Suguna. What has motivated me to come a long way is the ability to think independently and make the right business decisions. It is this encouragement and a chance to gain exposure in many areas of the business brought the best in me and has made me a complete professional. The environment is highly charged with recognition and appreciation from all corners including the top management. I would like to state that the compensation and benefits programs among other policies and initiatives are some of the best in the poultry industry. Being just a leader is not sufficient is significantly demonstrated at Suguna by way of meaningful contributions to the society. Last but the least, the top management’s personal interaction has truly made Suguna a ‘peoples’ organization and I am really proud to be part of this family.

S. Maruthamuthu
S. MaruthamuthuExecutive - Sales & Dispatch

My journey at Suguna has witnessed tremendous growth from being an organisation with few employees, hundred farmers to a team of over 4,800 professionals and 15000 farmers. Personally, I believe that the management policies and support has led to this magnificent growth. I still remember the days where books of account were maintained manually. Today, the management has invested significantly in latest technology to automate processes across functions in the organisation. This only reinstates the management’s commitment to grow and build a world class organisation. This vision and achievement is a matter of great pride to me.

Hard work, punctuality and sincerity are core to me. Not surprisingly, I see the same values shared by everyone in this organisation. This has become a strong motivating factor for me and I will continue adding value to my work. In addition, the management’s role in acknowledging and recognizing valuable contributions encourages each one of us to deliver nothing but the best. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that I am really proud to be part of Suguna.

J. Kamalam
J. KamalamExecutive - Accounts

Suguna’s vision of ‘Energizing Rural India’ is truly demonstrated not only by empowering farmers, but employing members from all walks of life. Further to this, the organization’s commitment in supporting every individual to achieve higher professional levels is truly inspiring. Suguna’s transparent and equitable work culture is a role model for any organisation in the poultry industry. My success has come to me by sheer dedication and hard work. I really enjoy the facilities that are in place to help continuous development, update & upgrade ones knowledge and skills. The management’s inclination to set goals and achieve them in time not only helps the overall growth but also provides with fulfillment for every employee.

K.R. Ponnuchamy
K.R. PonnuchamyManager - Projects, Mechanical

When I joined Suguna, I was deeply impressed with the personal touch of the Managing Director and Joint Managing Director to all new joinees. The company’s philosophy to encourage every individual to make decisions brings out a sense of responsibility and commitment. This is further enhanced by the work culture, where we freely exchange ideas with one another and contribute to the overall growth. Suguna’s dynamic management practices and effective implementation of new concepts from time-to-time has clearly made it a leader in the poultry industry.

A work culture that is built around discipline, effective time management, continuous learning and team work strongly imbibes a sense of togetherness and brings forth a common goal. The trust instilled by the management in its employees, motivates each one of us to contribute to our fullest potential without any barriers. It is this motivation and freedom that made me design the company’s logo voluntarily and I am proud of this personal achievement and recognition. Suguna as an organisation is full of new ideas and I am very glad to be part of this dynamic organisation.

M. Sivakumar
M. SivakumarDGM - Business Unit

I like the performance oriented work culture at Suguna. This helps me to strive constantly in fulfilling my responsibilities. With this, I see the opportunity to grow as an individual both personally and professionally. The encouragement and the trust put in us makes me feel that Suguna is my company and I will always work towards growing this company. To support this, is the continuous learning culture that keeps each one of us updated with the latest business trends and technology. I am proud to be part of this ever growing organisation which empowers and provides utmost freedom to its employees.

M. Baskaran
M. BaskaranDGM - Business Unit

I am a strong believer in hard work, self motivating attitude, innovative thoughts and respect for others – these attributes have always made work easier and enjoyable and has been strongly instrumental in my success. Add to this, is the work culture at Suguna, which is highly encouraging and inspiring. At Suguna, learning is a tradition. Training programs are conducted at regular intervals to help update oneself about the latest happenings in the industry. In addition, I would also like to mention about the performance management system which plays a crucial role in the long term association of employees. Most importantly, new ideas and recommendations are highly welcome from all corners of the organisation. This results in good team work while demonstrating the organisation’s unbiased respect for every member of the family.

I am really proud to be part of this fast growing organisation which is posting profits continuously. The management’s strong decision making and innovative abilities has been the pillar of success right from the start.

R. Gandhi
R. GandhiDGM - Business Unit

My stint with Suguna began in 1997 as Accounts Officer. It is at this point we were gearing up towards higher growth. I saw this as an opportunity to explore and contribute beyond my functional area. With the management’s backing, I involved myself in developing various systems and procedures not restricted to the accounts function. My personal nature to seek challenging tasks saw me venture into developing systems for the purchase function, worked closely with the IT department to develop systems and also got extensively involved in operations of feed mills, hatcheries, breeder and broiler farms. This enriched my knowledge across different areas of operations within the poultry business. This success further motivated me to set up and head a 12 member Internal Audit team effectively. Recognizing my knowledge and contribution, the management entrusted me with the responsibility of heading regional accounts. Within a year, I was encouraged to take charge and head operations in our Pune division before going on to becoming General Manager – Operations for the MH2 region. The management support one experiences at Suguna is highly encouraging to act boldly and take up new initiatives and responsibilities.

My success and growth has been possible due to the extensive support provided by people at different stages. Add to this is the company’s ability to respond to the growth phase and transform by empowering individuals from a system that was closely monitored. These factors have not just helped in my personal growth but also have been responsible for the overall growth of the organisation.

I take great pride in the fact that I get to work with real responsibilities and commitments. I am proud to be part of Suguna.

N. Karthikeyan
N. KarthikeyanGM - Business Unit

The interest and involvement in one’s job, accepting responsibility followed by sincere actions have helped me achieve the best. These have been significantly made possible by the management initiatives through various HR policies at Suguna. To translate, Suguna’s belief to provide equal opportunities and freedom to excel has helped me contribute in this growing organisation.

My career and success at Suguna is clearly defined by the challenging work environment, freedom to perform & excel, impressive leadership and vision.

A sense of pride fills me when my friends and family appreciate Suguna’s growth and the innovative products we introduce in the market. I also feel proud to be part of this organisation which has helped thousands of farmers and other individuals to shape their lives by realizing their dreams.

On the whole, Suguna’s eagerness to touch many households with quality products at affordable prices inspires each one of us to perform at our best and provide optimal results. Suguna’s interest in the growth of all stake holders, employees, suppliers, customers and farmers truly justifies the statement – ‘Breeding Trust. Growing Together’

S. Karunanithi
S. KarunanithiGM – IT
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